POH Camp | Online 2020

August 3-7
Monday 1:00-3:30 (Pacific Time)
Tuesday-Friday 10:00-1:00

Youth from North America, ages 14-19, are invited to join us online for a creative empowerment camp. Fun, interactive workshops will be led by dynamic Partners for Youth Empowerment facilitators. It is an opportunity for youth to build friendships while learning about themselves.

Join us for a week of connection in a truly supportive community!

Watch this special invitation from the Camp staff (Zilla) – Lucia, Mari, Mike, Tony and Anders. Wait till the end!

What do we do in the face of great adversity? We Evolve. Just like the butterfly when it emerges from its cocoon. That’s METAMORPHOSIS, and it’s our theme for this year’s camp.

We invite youth ages 14-19 to join us for Power of Hope Camp Online so we can connect from our cocoons. We’ll share how we’re doing, our successes and challenges, and give and receive support. We’ll dream and scheme about the world we want, and we’ll explore ways to use our creativity to make that world happen.

In just a few hours a day over the course of 5 days, Power of Hope campers will:

  • Participate in lots of fun, interactive, creative workshops
  • Develop confidence to make things happen in your lives
  • Learn new leaderships skills
  • Build long lasting friendships and make connections
  • Learn ways to deal with stress and stay healthy during this time
  • Connect with the natural world—wherever you are
  • Discover ways to work together to create an equitable, socially just world that is fair for all!

Camp Details:

  • LOCATION: a private and secure online Zoom room.
  • FORMAT: online in large and small groups
  • PARTICIPANTS: 14-19 year olds, space is limited to 25 youth
  • TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: A computer or device that has video, speakers, a microphone, Zoom capability, and steady internet ot celluar connection (see ‘Technical Requirements’ below).
  • MATERIALS: Art supplies will be sent to youth prior to camp.
  • COST: $250, with a sliding scale for all

Of course, Power of Hope Camp on-line will be different than in person, but we are certain that the Power of Hope magic will reach right through Zoom. To get a flavor of what the Power of Hope Camp is all about, see this short video from one of our in-person camps.

  • Page 1 of the registration form is for the youth to complete
  • Page 2 and 3 requires a guardian.
  • Youth age 18 and over can register on their own.


Designing this camp experience for you are dynamic camp leads, Mari Shibuya and Anders Johnson. And joining us as teaching artists are the fabulous Miik Wells, Tony Johnson, and Lucia Misch. And who knows what other camp artists might jump in.

Mari Shibuya, Camp Lead

Mari is committed to creative empowerment, specifically, with young people. Mari works with the creative empowerment model in their work as a lead facilitator with Young Women Empowered (Y-WE) and their work as the Youth Development Leader for Urban Artworks. In addition to creative empowerment work, Mari also works as a graphic facilitator and recorder with Culture Shift focusing on climate resilience. When not empowering young people through the arts or facilitating, Mari can be found painting walls around the city or in their studio.

Anders Johnson, Camp Lead

Anders is an international soul with a passion for connecting with community. After volunteering with a youth educational reinforcement program in Guatemala, he remembered his love for people and especially youth. He studied Global Environment and Health at the University of Michigan and is committed to healing communities by traditional and non-traditional means as a path to greater global healing for humans and nature alike. Anders has been captivated since his introduction to PYE, participating in various trainings and Power of Hope so that he may utilize the wisdom in urban agriculture and community programming in Detroit. Anders spends much of his time gardening, cooking (pizza), and researching homesteading practices.

Teaching Artists (otherwise known at POH as Zilla)

Miik Wells Tony Johnson Lucia Misch

Technical Requirements

In order to participate, you will need to have the following:

  • A device – A laptop or desktop computer is preferred over a Smartphone or tablet.
  • Zoom app – Install the Zoom Client on your device:
  • Webcam, speakers, and microphone – Make sure that your camera, speaker and microphone are working properly on Zoom.
  • WiFi – When possible, connect to the internet with a physical cable connection, not just Wi-Fi. This will give you much greater speed and service.

Zoom Tips for the Best Interactive Camp Experience

  • Lighting. Too much light behind you and you appear to be only a dark figure. To counteract back lighting, make sure you have a good source of light in front of you and behind the camera that you are using with your computer. 
  • Headset. A headset will greatly reduce the chance for feedback and improve your voice quality. Headsets that connect via USB are the best choice.
  • Location. Wind and background noise makes your device’s microphone adjust and your voice may sound muffled. Also, don’t have anything behind you that may be distracting to those who are on the other side.
  • Close Other Applications. This will maximize processing power of your device to improve the quality of your Zoom session.