Summer Camp

Calling all youth ages 14-18. If you want to take an active role in creating a positive future and have a great time in the process, then Power of Hope camp is the right place for you! Come spend a week in a supportive, arts-centered community and see for yourself.

We believe that as a young person, your voice and energy is needed to help build a world that works for everybody. You have important gifts to offer, and at POH camp you'll discover that you have more skill, talents, and spirit than you ever imagined. 

You'll get to explore your creativity with an amazing team of artists who can show you how to use the arts to unleash your power. You'll learn from youth and adult activists who are dedicated to making a difference in the world. And best of all, you'll make friends with like-minded youth from all different cultures and life situations, from around the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the US and Canada.

At POH camp you'll experience what it's like to just be yourself and feel supported by a creative community of all kinds of people.  We invite you to join us, just as you are, and be willing to surprise yourself.

Here's what other youth say about their time at Power of Hope camp:

  • I have been to quite a lot of camps…and this community stood out like a banana in a cherry tree. Never before have I spent a week with kids my age and never once was ridiculed or made fun of. There was so much love.
  • I loved being able to come into myself and feel truly whole, something I haven't felt before. The connections that I made here with others transcended daily interactions—and I've made friends who I know will be present for the rest of my life.

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This year's POH camp is being produced and run by our program partner PYE Global: Partners for Youth Empowerment. PYE Global is run by Charlie Murphy and Peggy Taylor, the founders of Power of Hope. 

2015 Camp Dates and Locations:

40 youth & 25 adults from diverse cultures gather for the camp. The adults represent a wide range of interests. They are artists, community leaders, change makers, and they are all people who are making a difference in their communities and having a good time in the process. You'll meet youth and adults that you'll never forget and walk away inspired by what's possible for you and our world.

DIversity is a key element of Power of Hope Camp. This means diversity of all kinds: ethnic, culture, religion, class, personality, life experience, and more. Spending a week in community leads to powerful conversations, meaningful friendships, and deep learning.

The 2015 summer camps will take place in a beautiful natural settings on Whidbey Island, 20 miles north of Seattle and in Bolinas, California, an hour north of San Francisco. You'll have the opportunity to explore the natural world through outdoor education workshops, hiking, and swimming. We will be sleeping in tents. We have several tents but please plan to bring a tent if you have one.


There are two steps to apply for summer camp 2015:

1. Complete the online application for the correct camp: WHIDBEY ISLAND, WA or BOLINAS, CA 

2. Fill in this hold harmless form and email it back to:

                                 for the Whidbey Island, WA Camp

                                 for the Bolinas, CA Camp

Would you like to apply to be a staff member at camp? Click here for the staff application (over 18 years old only).


Gender Neutral Sleeping Area Info Letter, click to download.

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Can you help us get the word out about camp? Word of mouth is the best way to reach youth who will thrive at PoH camp. Here's what you can do to help make sre camp is packed iwth good people:

  • Print our small flyer  to hand out to friends, teachers, guidance counselors, colleages, or to post on a community bulletin board
  • Post about POH Summer Camp on your Facebook or other social media so your whole community can hear about camp!
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